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Jitae is owned and run by Paul Millholen. He is a 4th degree black belt and has been training in Taekwondo for 23 years. He has taught martial arts full-time for over 10 years before staring up Jitae in the fall of 2011. At Jitae the goal is have a well balanced curriculum. Some people want to join a martial art to get into shape. Some join to learn self defense. Some join a martial art to learn about another culture or history. Some just want to gain more coordination, confidence, discipline. Here at Jitae Taekwondo you will get to experience it all. Learn the traditional WTF poomsae's( forms or pattern of movements), practice Olympic style sparring and easy to learn self-defense. The self defense will make you adaptive, skillful and resilient. The self-defense is based on Junsado(way of the combat expert). Junsado techniques are grounded in the principles of change: changes in you, changes in your opponent and changes in your environment. It is a living art that evolves and adapts. The picture to the right is Mr. Paul Millholen with the founder of Junsado and world renown Taekwondo Grandmaster Sang H. Kim.