Mr. Paul has always been influenced my the legend Bill "Superfoot" Wallace ever since middle school. So after attending one of his seminars "Superfoot" was impressed with Mr. Paul's kicking. Since then Mr. Wallace has taken Mr. Paul on his seminar tours including going to North Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, Ontario and St. Catharines Canada just to name a few. Also Mr. Wallace makes sure to stop by once a year at Jitae for his annual seminars.

Bill "Superfoot" Wallace is known for his undefeated karate and kickboxing career. Mr. Paul is now an official 3rd degree black belt and teacher of this system which includes techniques, physiology and kinesiology of movement that made Mr. Wallace a champion for over 23 years.  

Mr. Paul when not helping Bill "Superfoot" Wallace on tour he is training with the heir to the Superfoot System Terry Dow and working on new exciting drills and sparring strategies.So if you're interested in learning kickboxing or the Wallace way of kicking contact Jitae now.